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Swimming pools isolation method

Добавлено: 11 сен 2020, 06:52
There are several types of swimming pools that differ from each other in terms of size and purpose of their use. There are those who use them in their own home and there are those who use them in sports clubs to teach swimming.

And since the swimming pools are always full of water, it is necessary to do a water leak detection periodically in order to preserve the infrastructure of the facilities and protect them from the large damages that may be incurred by isolating the pools against the water from inside and outside to prevent water leaks from the body of the pool and thus preserve it from Corrosion and damage.

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Swimming pools isolation method
The method of isolating swimming pools is carried out by the insulation companies as follows:

Clean the pools properly, making sure that there are no impurities or dust.
Laying a layer of high-quality tiles that are chosen by highly qualified people.
Put the cold substance butane, then put the anti-static and then the thermal foam.
The use of the most powerful types of welding in order to weld between the separators.
Clean the isolated place and leave the isolation place clean.

Other ways to isolate pools:
Sprinkle liquid bitumen on the walls and floor and wait for it to dry.
To spread the layer of the bitumen coil longitudinally with a ride (10 cm) and then to weld that ride with fire, and that is as a first layer.

Laying the second layer of the bitumen coil as well but accidentally with the same ride (10 cm) and welding it also.
Then the last layer of aluminum strips will come before doing the insulation test.
Doing a condom test for three days before doing the next stage, which is tiles or ceramics.

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There are those who put a layer of concrete to maintain the layer of insulation and protection and then ceramic and finishing, but the most important is the following:

The insulating layers contain a layer of concrete at the beginning for cleaning, in addition to a cement angle at the bottom between the wall and the floor.
That there be a preparatory insulating layer and two layers of biotominic windings and a layer of concrete or metal protection for the insulating layer.
That there be a protection layer for the wall insulation material and to ensure the quality of the ceramic that will be installed on the pool and the quality of its welds, which depend largely on the efficiency of the worker who will install.
Also make sure not to test the water in the pool before completing the backfilling process around the pool until it is a strengthening factor for the pool and protecting the insulation layer from water pressure.

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Finally: It does not matter what form or method of isolation was done, but the most important thing is that the result is that the water does not leak from the tank to the ground or from the ground to the tank and that the efficiency of the insulation material has a long continuity period and does not lead to water leaks with an emphasis on the need to detect leaks Water periodically on the pool and its connections to ensure the safety of waterproofing and thermal insulation and that there are no ground leaks of water around the pool.